How do you clean your stylus?


Dec 29, 2016
Metropolitan Detroit area, MI
I’ve been using the same Discwasher SC1 stylus cleaning brush for decades now. With regular maintenance ( a good cleaning with soap and running water on the nylon bristles), I’ve never had a single problem and the diamond always looks pristine.
In place of the original fluid I use the one from Clearaudio.

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I believe the original has horse hair bristles. I have utilized the same brush for decades.
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Feb 20, 2019
I believe the original has horse hair bristles. I have utilized the same brush for decades.
Here’s a page from the instructions. I think they always used densely packed nylon bristles probably for the first time in a stylus cleaning device. This type of stylus cleaner is very common now, like the pfanstielh shown.You often find this type packed with new cartridges.


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Aug 21, 2019
Ive been using Bluetac for years. Peter Ledermann approved. A few bucks for a lifetime supply.
I squash a dap on a quarter and use it for months.
An occasional rub renews the surface. I place the quarter on the platter and lower the stylus on it three times using only its own wt. Ledermann suggests repeating every side.
I use the old plastic magnifying lid of the Onzow to cover the quarter on my plinth which keeps the Bluetac clean. I also wipe off the platter every side.
I use a Degritter.
I have to try that. If that works, it's a gamechanger for me.

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