Happy Thanksgiving and Holiday Season

Steve Williams

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Throughout the years I have found the nicest time of year to be between Thanksgiving and New Year as for me and my family this has been the time for festive reunions and get togethers. Presently I have 10 people staying with us through Dec 3 and even more over Christmas and New Year.

On behalf of Ron, Julian and myself here at WBF I would like to extend warm wishes to all for a Happy Thanksgiving and a festive holiday season. May all of you enjoy the season , your friends and most of all your family.
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Elliot G.

Industry Expert
From the Bending Wave/ Gobel High End group best wished for a festive holiday season and a great Thanksgiving.
Looking forward to an amazing 2020 and some major announcements. Axpona 2020 is only around the corner.

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