Guiding Ambitions Imposed On Source Material Collection


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Sep 22, 2019
Encountering a recently deceased gentleman's music collection had the unexpected effect of calling into question how many stratagems I personally had been employing against the mountain of source material out there. Some weeks now have passed in contemplation. Without stymying discussion by insisting on too much personal focus. The following should provide ample insight towards the actions of a singular mind.

His LP's pursued one discernable pace of importing high quality albums for many years. Then began obvious pauses and stutters through the 8-Track and Cassette era. This humbugging extended up to at least turn of the century when CD became unavoidable. Along with it a change in regimen and authority took hold in the form of single examples of compositions merely numbering a few hundred releases. Across the years of collecting not a single scratch mark was present. No attempt at pentimento or regret towards abstinence across decades of releases.

What's Best I've decided is asking and listening to others.

How many paths have been traveled in pursuit of content you are content with is a treatise in need of a collection point.
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