Getting around to Room Treatments... Finally...


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Jun 17, 2010
I'm not trying to be funny, sorry if it comes across that way. I am trying to figure out what the speakers are in your room picture; if you look at the signature under each of your posts, it still says your speakers are Klipsch and JL.

Preamplifier | Amplifiers: Schiit Freya + | Emotiva XPA-2 Gen 2
DAC | Digital Source: Schiit Bifrost 2 Multibit | Raspberry Pi 4
Speakers | Subwoofers: Klipsch RP-8000F | JL Audio e110 x 2
Power Conditioning: Blue Circle Audio, APC
Cables: Wireworld, Pangea Audio, Monster, Tara Lab"

I know and Logans in his avatar, one never knows ! be careful , he's a bit touchy !
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Apr 27, 2016
Central Florida
be careful , he's a bit touchy !
Yeah, when people have zero common sense, can't figure out that things might change in a year's time, then call you by a name that's NOT your name because you think you're being funny, you bet a get a little "touchy".

How about growing up and being a bit more observant, and possibly using a little common sense if you have any? If you guys did all of that, we wouldn't be here having this conversation.
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Apr 23, 2016
Since yesterday afternoon or so, I've been actively researching something I've never bothered with before, treating my room which is said to be more effective than swapping equipment, which I can completely understand.

Naturally, the first company I looked at is GIK Acoustics. I was prepared to be shocked at the prices of the various panels and such, and I was, but shocked in a different way... Shocked at how affordable their products are! Granted, they're not bargain basement cheap, but they're certainly not expensive either. Think of them price-wise to a pair of decent interconnect upgrades, and more than likely much larger sound improvements than those new interconnects.

So anyway, after looking around on GIK's site, I went ahead and filled out their "Free Advice" form and submitted it with a set of pictures of my current 11.5' x 15.5' x 8' room setup. One thing I forgot to mention on that form was the fact that this is an old house, so all of the walls and ceiling are plaster, which obviously is harder than regular drywall. But I did mention the wood floors and the fact that I put down a 6' x 8' shag area rug to help reduce/eliminate those first reflections off of the floor, which it did quite well. That and that I have IsoAcoustic ISO-200 subwoofer isolators under the subs which definitely helped clean and tighten up the bass.

I run open baffle loudspeakers (GR Research X-Statik's) and dual subs. Surprisingly, everything sounds pretty darn good, especially after adding the area rug, but there's still just that last 10% that I want to chase down. I still have minor imaging, sound staging and phasing issues which I can hear as I move a foot or so forwards or backwards in my listening position. Some of it sounds a little bit like out of phase echo. And as for bass, I sit in a bit of a null. It's a little quieter and weaker where I sit, but move a foot forwards or backwards, the bass gets a little stronger and possibly a little deeper, but not boomy.

Again, I've never dealt with room treatments before, but one thing I picked up on pretty quickly is that behind the speakers, I would want absorption/diffusive panels to still get the benefits of the rear wave of the open baffle loudspeakers. But other than that, I'll leave that up to the ones in the know.

Here's the pictures that I submitted...

Hi Chops, I was in your situation 6 months ago and just completed my room treatments. The before and after impact was incredible. I don't work in the industry and have no economic interest in any of the recommendations I make.
There are basically 3 aspects to room treatment, speaker placement, absorption and diffusion. I would recommend contacting your speaker manufacturer about speaker placement, they will give you good advice.
I followed acousticians Anthony Grimani's advice on room treatment. I also reached out to owners of Galaxy Studios (who also invented Auro-3D) and The Dubstage (where they mix immerive content in SOA facilities). I chose to use products from Auralex which are great. If I were to do it again I would simply purchase a room kit from Sonitus ( There website walks you through an analysis and will recommend a kit based on your budget.
I am attaching the Sonitus Room Tuning installation manual which takes you through the entire room tuning process so you can review:


  • 5f2d7f13d650ca0ca68a2ef7_Sonitus Acoustics Standard Instruction Manual_200807 .pdf
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