Genesis VI speakers - can this pair be saved (hoping "yes!", certainly.

Feb 14, 2015
Model Vs now running with replaced titanium dome midranges (really easy - 4 screws and 2 drops of solder each). Replaced the speakon connections where they meet the speakers because those seem to get much more wear than the connections at the amplifier. Probably the result of adjusting speaker placement puts stress on the cables. Anyways, used the wrong kind at first (first time with Neutek connectors) and they were a real challenge and didn't work well. Realized I'd bought really neat speakons that require a commercial-grade solder to attach the wires. I just used friction. Oops. Anyways, acquired NLF4C connectors; they use small screws to snug up the bare wire. Those work great - a five-minute job anybody can do. Unless you're me, and you neglect to carefully transcribe the wire colors to connection numbers when dismantling the old connectors. So here's the wiring guide figured out by trial and error for the servo bass cable to the numbered SpeakOn terminals: -2=black, +2 = red, +1=red/white twisted -1 = green/blue twisted. Neutek has a clear pdf guide to how the connectors fit together; if you buy them in a shop or online they will not include the instructions.

Next would be to get the amplifier recapped (doesn't need it that I can hear, but given its age it seems prudent) but I've not found a shop yet that's willing to take that on without benefit of a schematic.


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Oct 3, 2015
no more bass

Hello to everyone,

Please excuse me for my poor english. I bought some Genesis VI here in France. They worked well. But since a week, i dont have basses anymore. I went to an electronic repair shope (don't know if that is the correct word) with the bass amplifier. It worked overthere. The problem doesnt come from the source, the pre amplifier or the modulation cables neither. So i came to the conclusion it comes from the the skeapers or its cables. What's strange is that both speakers stopped producing basses at the same time.

Does anyone would have any lead ?

Thanks for the help you could provide.


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Mar 2, 2016
Hello! I was very excited to find this forum. I have a pair of Genesis VI that I bought new in the early 90's. They have given me many years of listening pleasure, but some time ago, one of my speakers developed what I would describe as feedback "whine" from the bass part of the system.

Steps taken:
I have isolated the problem in the one speaker, by switching channels on the server amp. The whine does not always happen initially and I may be able to listen for a while without it, but inevitably it comes back even if no sound is being put through it (but amp is on). My solution is that I don't connect the bass amp to that one speaker but I know I am missing a fair amount of bass and certainly it's a bit imbalanced.

At one point I bought some NOS drivers (I think rear bass) from the company and that seemed to quiet the whine for a while, but it came back.

I have read That Mr. Koh is on this forum and it is laudable that he is helping to maintain the old gear. I certainly appreciate the attention to the brand! I also own a Genesis integrated tube amp which is wonderful!

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Mario in Long Island, NY


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Apr 20, 2010
Metro DC
I suggest you Personal Message Gary. He is very accessible and a genuine nice guy. Gary is CEO of Genesis and is a member of WBF. His memeber name is Garylkoh.
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Sep 6, 2010
Seattle, WA
Hi Mario, thanks for the message!

As I mentioned in this thread above, unfortunately we do not have schematics for the Genesis VI amplifier, and we cannot service it. Please make sure you follow some of the advice I've posted earlier and get the electrolytic power supply caps changed before you have a more catastrophic failure. A couple of members made good suggestions about DIY options to replace the older servo amps. These will be much more cheaply made than the current products we manufacture and might be more affordable.

Getting a whine out of the woofers is a sign of feedback oscillation. The accelerometer used has a physical resonant peak of around 1 kHz. You can use a 0.47uF film capacitor across the accelerometer to knock down this peak. You'll have to remove the woofer with the accelerometer and solder this capacitor across the terminals. Hopefully that works.

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