FTA (Final Touch Audio) Callisto USB cable

The best USB available is not FTA nor any model else, the very best is PRANAWIRE ARHAT USB ultimate. Only available at PHP AUDIO. This is a stellar project I ask to Joe Cohen to design and build the very best USB cable for my TAIKO AUDIO or WADAX customers. Stay tuned for prices, pictures and ... listening results !
Please open a dedicated thread for this.

That is NOT decent business practice!
Please open a dedicated thread for this.

That is NOT decent business practice!
I will open a dedicated subject about USB cables because it's more interesting than I thought a year ago. I think a lot of USB cables sound different but rarely really better. Also nothing could justify the way you answered. I have complete right to say what I hear and it was not a business approach but more an advise as this Californian designer and manufacturer is well know for his power cable, interconnects ans speaker cable than for his USB cable (even if Photon LS is very good). I seen that you live not far from me and we share the passion for ribbon speakers, may be we can meet one day.
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Really? Good for you
BTW read again - i did not and never would write BS claim like “the very best is ….”
Sorry if I don't really understand what you say. You are quite close to me, in .
Please keep in mind the affiliation within the industry...

One other thing to note - We do hold Industry Insiders to a higher standard. Please say "IMO" or "IME" and not state something as fact, as this is actually against the TOS of this forum.

9. Where possible, please avoid generalizations which create heated arguments. Please don’t say “all amps sound the same” but rather, “all the amps I have heard sound the same to me.” Following this rule not only makes for a calmer atmosphere, but also saves you hours and days of aggravation while you try to defend your point of view!

Has anyone heard the FTA Themisto digital cable and can share if it's at all similar to Callisto and Sinope? and if not, how is it different?
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Check with F. - It’s online for sale now…
Dammit, I'm on holidays.

I asked F. if I can "try before buy" and he agreed.
Have one Callisto for sell.
If anyone is interested, please PM.
And I will ship worldwide.
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I have a 1.5m Callisto for sale too. No USB 5v power. White Cable.
Dammit, I'm on holidays.

I asked F. if I can "try before buy" and he agreed.
Did you get the chance yet to audition the Themisto? I am curious if it retains sny of the Callisto's sonics, especially as i may move off a usb dac and have not found other spdif that will get close to the fta usb.

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