DCM-12 5 power cables, and power amp options


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Oct 14, 2017
A friend of mine is trying to put together a decent phono rig and acquired a Spectral DCM-12 at the bargain basement price of $0. The power supply was included, but no AC cable and no 5 pin DC power cable. I've been doing some research to try and figure out what can be used. Would this cable work as the DC power cable?


I'm also assuming that I can just use any standard AC power cable, but am starting to get concerned because I have seen some $600 AC cables with shields and filters being sold for these. I see that spectral equipment amplifies all the way up into the MHz range and doesn't have internal filtering. Can you use them without these highly filtered power cables or will they oscillate or have other problems that make them unusable?

There's a pretty low budget for this build. We don't even know if the unit works as it was literally found in a basement. We are trying to figure out if this preamp will be reasonable to use in the build if it does work. She may also be able to acquire a Dynaco ST-70 to use as a power amp. Will this preamp (assuming it works) work with a ST-70? I'm aware that we won't get the Spectral experience from this setup. The Spectral preamp sort of fell in her lap so we are seeing if it can even be used at all without blowing the budget, or is it basically just going to hiss and hum unless hundreds of dollars are spent on power cables, power line conditioning, etc. Any advice on how to press forward?
Jun 5, 2010
You probably meant DMC 12.

I would contact Spectral to ask them to check the unit, to do any repairs necessary and to provide any missing parts or components.


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Oct 14, 2017
Yes DCM is a typo. I do mean DMC 12. The price that a dealer will charge just to look at it is going to exceed the budget for the entire system.

I'll just power it up and check it with a scope to see how bad its going to pull every bit of noise from the power and amplify it. Based on the design of the thing, I suspect you have to use a $1000 power cable or you will hear your neighbor down the street mixing up a frozen margarita in a blender, through the AC line, and amplified out to your speakers. The amp is going to be useless for this build if that is the case.


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Feb 7, 2013
Just get any reasonable power lead, no need to spend megabucks. What makes more of a difference to the system is a mains conditioner especially if you are in a noisy mains area.
I just use basic power leads and spend the money on a mains conditioner, which was a superb upgrade.

See this thread for the power conditioner i used.

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