1. Y

    Spectral DMC 30S Surround light, manual and heat issue

    Hi there, just registered to this forum and go through all the Threads. Great to be here. 1) I just noticed that my preamp DMC 30S has a surround light right above the volume control button, does it mean that it could act like a av bypass? And does someone know how to make it work? 2) I...
  2. D

    DCM-12 5 power cables, and power amp options

    A friend of mine is trying to put together a decent phono rig and acquired a Spectral DCM-12 at the bargain basement price of $0. The power supply was included, but no AC cable and no 5 pin DC power cable. I've been doing some research to try and figure out what can be used. Would this cable...
  3. A

    Spectral MS One Preamp

    Hello I'm new on the site. For years I collect Sepctral equipment, and yesterday bought a Spectral MS One Preamp. But he does not have Power Supply. Someone can provide me the schematic to see if I can replace? Many Thanks Alex
  4. B

    Spectral Lover with a Bit of Tough Love

    Disclosure: I used to work for a former Spectral dealer (Progressive Audio in Columbus, OH, now out of business, sadly). I also apologize and warn the reader about the length of my loving rant. With that out of the way let me begin by being clear about my feelings about Spectral. I plan to...
  5. stevelgbch

    DMA-260 or 400s?!

    I just got a new DMA-260, the best amplifier I've ever had! It does everything I want it to, but being an "audiophile", of course I just want a little more of all that great stuff. It has unbelievable transparency, wonderful resolution, and stupendous air. There are many instances where the...
  6. G

    Spectral dma 260 hum

    Hi friends - I own a new Spectral DMA 260 in a system that runs: Magico V3, Spectral 30SS, Spectral 4000 pro, and the DMA 260. All cabling is MIT/Spectral. I have worked my way up the Spectral chain. I very much like the DMA 260 but am frustrated by it having a low but audible hum. This is...

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