Avantgarde Acoustics Duo XD - first go at measurements and EQ


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Jan 20, 2013
London, UK
Forgot to say, it’s the room you’re measuring and not the speaker. I had an anomaly on my right speaker only to realise it was due to the door over my right shoulder causing the problem and not the speaker. Doh!



Mar 20, 2021
The dip could also be boundary wall cancellation. Moving the speakers away could lower the frequency where the dip occurs, potentially taming the 80hz peak in the process.
While this is definitely true, in general, I find it’s easier to move the microphone than to move the speakers. That’s why I usually recommend re-measuring using REW by placing the microphone at new potential listening positions first. If moving the microphone forward and backward doesn’t change the 100-250Hz dip or if there is absolutely no option to move the listening position, moving the speakers would definitely be next. Moreover, even if there is no option to move the listening position, if you move the microphone say by 1 foot and you get a very smooth frequency response, it tells you that moving the speakers while keeping the current listening position the same is much less likely to have a major impact on the 100-250Hz dip.

That said, after finding a new listening position with a smoother frequency response, you’ll eventually have to move the speakers because the toe-in for the speakers will be suboptimal for the new listening position. To me, this is also about optimizing your workflow by doing the easy stuff with the best bang for the buck first.

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Feb 14, 2020
Portsmouth, UK
One thing I forgot...I believe the crossover point for the Duo is adjustable.
Not only the bass crossover frequency can be adjsted but also the type of crossover network. Default is Butterworth 24 dB but you can choose from many others from Butterworth, Bessel or Linkwitz-Riley. I stick with the default setting but it's interesteing to compare the sound with each filter.
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Jul 24, 2022
First adventures in room measurement and using the Duo XD parametric EQ, and would appreciate a bit of hand holding and advice from the experts to help me to learn and better understand how best to approach getting it right.

The software in the Duo XD allow you to do 10 point adjustments from the screen below in the XD control software when linked to each speaker using USB/ Ethernet -

View attachment 93491

First job was to take a simple measurement using a calibrated mic connected to the XTZ soundcard and then using REW get a couple of consistent measurements from my listening position (so single point rather than average).

This is what you see between 10-200 Hz -

View attachment 93492

What I hear from my seat with no EQ applied is some boominess when I lean forward about a foot, less so if I lean back or stand behind the sofa. As the volume goes up the boominess then seems to travel back and reach my listening position without leaning forward.

Where do I go from here then?
I need your help ,you connected the umik to your computer which had the rew and xd control software and the computer is connected to the speakers, i use ethernet cables , for the generation of the rew frequency test tone do i need any other connections? will the ethernet cable be enough

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