Audio Mixer with at a least 3 USB inputs

Knox Ross

New Member
Sep 30, 2021
Hi -

I must not be using the right Google criteria for my search.

We have a need to mix audio input from up to 3 USB wireless lavalier mics and also outputs to USB. This is to accomodate faculty at our college who wish to hold Zoom / Gogole Meeting from classroom that are not equipped with mics.

Ideally the mixer would be portable and have also have XML and 1/4' inputs.

Anyone have a suggestion?




New Member
Mar 17, 2022
I don't have a suggestion for a mixer to use here, but because I've got a similar dilemma myself I've considered some workarounds.

A number of wireless lavalier mics with USB output (Samson XPD2 being a prime example) allow direct output using a 3.5mm audio jack on a converter cable (e.g. 3.5mm male to XLR or 3.5mm to 6.35mm) which be plugged directly into a mixer. This would necessitate external power to the USB units, but it's easily doable.

Alternatively you could consider buying a dedicated receiver/transmitter for use with wireless microphones, and plug that unit into your mixer. However, if you've already spent money on the lavalier wireless to USB receiver microphones, this will be at additional (unnecessary) cost.

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