1. S

    FTA (Final Touch Audio) Sinope USB cable

    Hi all, Just wanted to post my personal experience so far with FTA's new flagship USB cable, the Sinope. This continues the convention of Jovian naming, Sinope being another one of Jupiter/Zeus' love interests. From NASA's site: "Sinope was named for a nymph who outsmarted a smitten Zeus (the...
  2. K

    Audio Mixer with at a least 3 USB inputs

    Hi - I must not be using the right Google criteria for my search. We have a need to mix audio input from up to 3 USB wireless lavalier mics and also outputs to USB. This is to accomodate faculty at our college who wish to hold Zoom / Gogole Meeting from classroom that are not equipped with...
  3. I

    Upgrade from PS Audio Directstream SR to EMM Labs DA2 v2...but downgrade from I2S to USB?

    I'm looking to do a major upgrade from my PS Audio DSS to the EMM Labs DA2, but I am concerned it may be two steps forward, one step back in terms of the digital input quality. Over the years I've found that my digital input chain is more crucial than the actual DAC it is plugged into. I know...
  4. Believe High Fidelity

    One DAC To Rule Them All.... - Introducing the Kassandra from Aries Cerat

    Greetings WBF Members! I am new to the WBF, but for more information about Believe High Fidelity we have made introductions here and if you plan to attend CES see our system here. I would like the introduce the 120lbs Kassandra MkII from Aries Cerat (also available in a 240lbs dual chassis...
  5. jeremya

    Light Harmonic's latest: decent DSD/DXD on a budget?

    I'm loving this new age of crowd-sourced funding. It seems to be enabling companies like Light Harmonic to determine demand for a product before they build it and get funding for R&D in advance. Light Harmonic, the creators of the Da Vinci Dual DAC, have recently made a few spinoff projects...
  6. V

    Adaptive and asynchronous USB

    USB audio is send over the USB tot the DAC As USB runs at a fixed rate e,g, Full Speed runs at 12 MHz, the amount of data is controlled to generate a quasi real time stream. There a two methods to synchronise the DAC and the PC. In adaptive mode the sample rate is guessed from the rate...

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