Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference II and Silver Reference II Very Happy ..

Apr 23, 2010
Ok after some cable musical chairs with my system I have finely found a pair that play well with my Krell KSA 100samp KRC 3,pre amp, and Krelll Connect server,Feeding Wilson Sofia's via Transparent Ultra... I have the Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference II on the amp to pre amp and the Silver Reference from Pre to server.. WOW ! is all I can say.. I had Analysis Plus Solo Crystal on both and liked them on the amp but found them really lacking on the server to pre.. Unfocused and not detailed.. I tried a custom set of thin 24 gauge quad star copper that were way better on the server with the Analysis on the amp. Bass was tight and solid.. Enter the ZEN Matrix II .. I tried them on the amp to pre and immediately liked them better as bass was more controlled and vocals were focused better .. Now I was content for two weeks until I got the bug and a conversation with Robert ,I decided on trying the Silver Reference out.. I was a tad taciturn at first as Silver rumors had my minds eye.. I hooked them up at night before bed and let them play alll night and the next day.. That night I had my listening room alone and it was a enlightening evening.. I was completely amazed at the immediate detail and image that was much more pronounced.. Bass was much tighter and felt better as the stage depth was extremely deep.. They Sophia's never sounded as good.. The space between instruments and the control is amazing with out any brightness at all..

I can honestly say, Robert was correct.. The copper on bottom and silver on the source Is a winning combo.. If you have a chance to try the Acoustic Zen cables , especially Silver I highly recommend it..

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