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Acora Acoustics

Valerio Cora CEO
Dec 29, 2023

We would like to welcome Acora Acoustics as a new sponsor to the forum​

Acora is an established high-end speaker manufacturer based in Toronto Canada. They are widely known for their granite speakers that possess zero cabinet coloration and superbly realistic sound. Some words from Acora CEO Valerio Cora:

Music was my first love and I’ve spent a lifetime trying to create the speaker I’d want to own and share with my family. I spent years listening and researching what is required to design the “perfect loudspeaker”. Cabinet enclosures were the weakest link in loudspeaker designs. Acora Acoustics let me realize my dream through the combination of new technologies, innovative cabinet design, hand-selected natural stone materials, and uncompromising crossover assembly. My wife, Sheree, is our resident Golden Ear and lead aesthetic designer; no speaker is complete until it sounds amazing and would comfortably live inside our home, or yours, indefinitely. Acora Acoustics gives you the chance to share music with the people you love in any space.



The VRC Reference Loudspeaker exemplifies all Acora Acoustic’s design philosophies while extending performance to its limits today. Granite enclosures, world-class engineering in the crossover, and deployment of drivers modified for the unique conditions of the afore-mentioned two points. The enclosure and crossover are designed with materials that will last for a lifetime and the VRC Reference are designed to be very easy to integrate into a variety of rooms ranging from modest dens to large, dedicated spaces. No performance space is too small or too grand for VRC.



These speakers are so beautiful!” It’s often the first thing someone says about these Quartz, stand-mount loudspeakers upon seeing them. Their mathematically derived cabinets contribute nothing and everything to the sound. Crossovers are designed to last as long as the cabinet, a lifetime. All Acora speakers are designed to be an easy load allowing them to be driven by almost anything. These little wonders can fill a small room with a rock band or a larger space with a jazz trio and never break a sweat. They are Reference performance in a small form-factor that fit with any decor.



These could be your last loudspeakers. The same cabinet geometry that helped win awards in our Granite SRC-2’s is reproduced in your choice of Nardo Grey or Thasos White Quartz. A pair of 185mm mid bass drivers in a 2.5 way design allow you effortless scale and the prized Acora Acoustics speed and spacious soundstage in average rooms to very large spaces. From jazz ensembles to big band and Mahler to Deadmau5, the QRC-2’s will give you everything you need to be close to the experience. The fact they’re easy to drive helps to greatly improve your existing system today while giving you room to grow with them in the future.
165 Milner Avenue, Scarborough, Ontario, M1S 4G7, Canada
Phone 647.812.3933



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