19/09 Step-up transformers dinner in Paris with Ana Mighty Sound and bit more


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May 2, 2018
Ana Mighty Sound will be hosting a dinner on the 19th of September in our Parisian showroom around step-up transformers.

Michael Ulbrich from Consolidated Audio will be with us and will bring various Monster Can step-up transformers as well as explain us and demonstrate us how step-up transformers work.

We will also introduce to you the brand new Thrax Trajan step-up (toroïdal, nano-crystalline, rotary switch for resistor loadingfullsizeoutput_9e07.jpeg and two sets of gain (1:10 and 1:20)), My Sonic Lab Stage 1030 and Phasemation T-300 step up as well as rare vintage step-ups...

Turntables ? Two Döhmann Helix Two, STST and various PTP audio. Tonearms : Schick, Schröder and eventually Glanz. Cartridges ? My Sonic Lab, Jan Allaerts, Phasemation, Koetsu, our own Sculpture A range, Audio Technica Art-1000 and Mutech.

Electronics used for this event will be from Phasemation, Thrax and.... darTZeel (Hervé Delétraz will also be there for this event...), speakers are our usual Thrax Lyra + Basus. Turntables

For those who will not be able to come and visit us on Thursday night, you can take an appointment us with on Friday(or later on) or come and visit us to you leisure on our open Saturday event from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

More informations HERE !

P.S. : Step-ups are in between cartridges and phono stages ... it was complicated to choose a place to insert this thread if it is not at the right place : please do not hesitate to move it to the right location.

P.P.S. : Yes it is a professional/dealer event but the accent on these dinners are more on shared user experiences (you can bring your favorite step-up transformer with you and records...) with some explanations provided by qualified people from the HiFi industry. Even thought the topic of this event is serious : we do have some fun above all !

P.P.P.S : It might be also a good excuse for visiting Paris at the end of the summer ?


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