A Different Lock at Axpona 2018 and a new Personal Reference Audio System.


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Apr 20, 2010
Manila, Philippines
We can all meet in HK then head to Manila after with Leif, Damon and Florian of CH :D

Believe High Fidelity

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Nov 19, 2015
Hutto TX
Three Amigo Roadtrip! Phillippines!!

Maybe the three Amigos can become the Fantastic Four? Just throwing it out there :)


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May 24, 2010
Jersey Shore- waterside
Russ... I so much enjoyed reading about your adventures in audio through the years. You are great writer and the few minutes that it took to read this was well worth it. Congrats on the new outlook!
Thanks Bruce. I respect your opinions and your global look at this space. My goal in writing the piece hit paydirt with you. Yeah.. russ


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May 24, 2010
Jersey Shore- waterside
Now that's dangerous... Better off learning to DIY so you don't ruin yourself trying to upgrade.

While I'd never get this excited over a VAC preamp, I suppose this is one hell of a testimonial to what people think about VSA's new speakers. This is however a very drastic measure because Russ was talking about wanting better sound, and never really let anyone try to figure out what he was wanting so they could help him get there... then boom, this comes along. I guess the answers were found.

My only question is, have you been to DDK's? That would be a trip to a polar opposite experience I think that would be worth doing before you start hemorrhaging money.

I appreciate your sentiment, but fortunately you assessment is inaccurate. I have sought input from many, including having David K come to my house and going to Bobby's house as he recommended, as well as several phone conversations with David. I flew to CA to visit with Steve W and go on an audio exploration, and most recently went to Axpona and already have spent hours on the phone with Damon and Leif. I am not at all adverse to seeking advice, but am better and summing what I currently know and then determining what the next best step is. I also know when I experience a major break through and generally act accordingly.

I am a person of action who has tempered over time and found a nice balance.


Oct 25, 2015
Eastern WA
Sorry I guess I missed all of that.

Well, you know what you need to do now.


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Dec 26, 2010
Wow...what a remarkably easy and inspiring read. Having never heard VS before...but valuing BOTH sound and service...i have to say, this has certainly impressed me. More about the service, sense of commitment and personalities behind the various brands, particularly VS. Thanks for taking the time to write...very much what WBF is all about for me.


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Apr 20, 2010
Near Atlanta, GA but not too near!
Life can change (or end) in a moment.

I applaud your decision on making some life changes and choices based on your recent health scare. I most certainly understand how health issues can motivate us to make those kinds of decisions. Been there and am still doing that. When I realized that life can change dramatically with just a few words, I did, in a much smaller way, what you are doing. I spent a bunch of time, effort and money to get my audio (and combined home theater system) where it would be have to be "good enough". Could it be better? Most certainly. Way better. But since the journey never really ends, we just chose to get off the train where we were.

We have now chosen a different direction given my health issues and age. Instead of each of us buying more "stuff" we have chosen to spend our money on "experiences". And for now, that means more travel. I have traveled more in the last five years than I did in the previous 60. There will be a time, where, while travel may not be impossible, the places and the type of travel may become severely restricted. So we are enjoying it while we can.

Leaving for 12 days Costa Rica with 3 other couples on Monday!!

By the way, enjoyed reading about your experiences.

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