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Thread: Hallelujah-Leonard Cohen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Williams View Post
    I know when the PBS tribute was but the you tube video was published in 2007 of a 2005 performance
    You are correct, Steve. I sent the wrong URL. This is the one she did from the tribute in 2017. Maybe it's that now Leonard has passed, or maybe it's me, but I think the tribute concert version is even better!
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    Well I may have just heard the most moving version during the PBS special "Leonard Cohen - Tower Of Song". KD Lang kicked butt with with a gut busting, passionate and soaring rendition of this song. Her phrasing of the lyrics was perfect.

    SORRY> I didn't know this was the same version that was posted above. It deserves to be heard.
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    I've sold a couple pair of speakers using this song, but my go-to is the Pentatonix version. It is not a flawless recording, but it can stir the soul.

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    I wish this was more than 2 verses long, but the format of the show means you only have about 2 minutes to make an impression:

    She won the show with this one:

    Stay With Me Baby (Lorraine Ellison)
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    Quote Originally Posted by DSkip View Post
    I've sold a couple pair of speakers using this song, but my go-to is the Pentatonix version. It is not a flawless recording, but it can stir the soul.
    I LOVE Pentatonix - and their version of this song is excellent - but totally different from KD Lang's. Their music is just fun to listen to as is "Straight No Chaser".

    And to wander even further Off Topic: Check out Straight No Chaser's "It's All About The Bass"

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    I find Leonard Cohen as transcendent as it gets, so happy I saw him a few times live. This was interesting as it was performed immediately after Trump was elected:
    -- Bob

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