Apr 7, 2018
Did anyone visit the ypsilon room
Yes, as I'm currently interested in the integrated Phaethon I of course could not resist visiting the Ypsilon rooms.

In their own room they played on the hefty Hyperions, the new DAC 1000 and new Wilson Benesch speakers. It's always difficult on a show to get what you are really listening to, but I had no complaints at all, I thought the music flowed with ease and sounded just right. I stayed in here for quite some time and enjoyed some good music.

They were also present in the room next door (through a reseller I guess), this was a smaller setup and I think it was the Aelius playing with some horn speaker. I didn't care for this room as much though. Maybe due to the speaker choice, I don't know.

I was a little disappointed that they were not playing on the Phaethon though, but I get it that everyone wants to show off their top performers.

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