Where is muralman1


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Apr 20, 2010

I usually disagreed with him .. He is however an enthusiast. His posts often mentioned his health problems .. I haven't heard/read from him in a while .. Was wondering if anyone knows how is he doing?
If you read this m'man, please let us know ... And by the way I will still disagree with you on the subject of your cables with different symmetric conductors for + and - :)

Take care Man and post more often if you read this ...

Happy Holidays!!


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Jan 8, 2011
NSW Australia
And a very hearty echoing of these sentiments from me. He slipped in very quickly not that long ago, but just as quickly departed: his health problems are quite major, I believe, and prevent him being more active, I would presume. But if you are listening, Vince, all the best from me too, and hope things can improve for you in 2012 ...

Jul 1, 2010
Often people have communities of internet friends that don't cross over into their other life at all. I know I do. It's a bit disturbing when someone just disappears. Hoping you're well, Vince.


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