What turntables do you use? Pictures would be nice as well :-)


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May 24, 2010
TW Acustic Raven AC-3 with Graham Phantom & Ortofon AS-309S

Pioneer Exclusive P3 - 30 years young and competitive with anything

Pioneer Exclusive P10 - little bro to P3

Linn LP12, Lingo,Naim ARO - what really started the vinyl luv affair

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Main TT is a Nottingham Analogue Horizon SE with RB250 and Grado Ref Platinum


I also have a Revolver Rebel Black and a Revolver Red that need to be repaired.

And this is mine.Pretty much a DIY dream of mine coming true.
The cartridge is a custom Van den hul "The Condor" with silver coils and the phono stage is a Sonic frontiers Phono-1SE+.


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VPI Classic platt&#1.JPGVPI Classic 2..JPG

Reference Super Scoutmaster with Classic Al platter/10.5t arm and at this moment ZYX Omega G cartridge. Switch between the ZYX and Titan i.
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Soundofvoid, I have an old Mits LT-5V. It still works... sort-of (it's speed is quite inconsistant, and won't quite reach 33 1/3 rpm). I lost the stylus set gauge years ago, and haven't tried to use the TT in several years. Your LV-5V looks quite a bit different than mine though. The biggest problem I have had with my 5V, was it's very nature of sitting vertical. I always had to put a small piece of tissue paper in the hole of the LP, in order to keep it from 'thunking' on the spindle and vibrating that 'thunk' through the speakers every half rotation or so.


- Bill
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In addition to my Nottingham Analogue Horizon SE (which I posted earlier in this thread) I also have 2 Revolvers. One is a Revolver Red and the other a Revolver Rebel.


Rutgar,the problem of the "thunking" when rotating comes from two reasons:a)the specific records you play have a wider center hole than the spindle b)the spring inside the clamp has become soft and does not press the record tightly against the platter.
I have overcome this problem by a) using a separate custom made clamp that utilizes a hard spring from a car valve
b)i have cut a different spindle (longer to accommodate my new clamp)
and half a millimeter thicker so that all records fit tightly.
You can change the spring with a stiffer one and use a single wrap around self adhesive plastic tape on the base of the spindle to make it fit tightly.
Regarding your inability to set the speed at 33 RPM (i assume that you have turned the corresponding front pot to it's end)
you have to open the back and look for the 3 trimmers on the board.Set the front 33RPM pot on the center of it's course and turn the TALLER one
of the back trimmers so that the strobo says it's okay.Then you are set!
Inform me about the stability problem when you have done these steps.
VPI HW19 MKII with ET2 arm (since 1987) and Koetsu Rosewood Signature (2007)



I'm one of the few surviving TT users who views the dustcover as an 'essential':

Okay, thanks Soundofvoid. I pulled the TT out of the closet, and found the trim pot you were talking about. After adjusting it, and getting a smooth 33 according to the built-in strobe, it is doing much better. Eventually, I would like to look into a better TT setup. But thanks to your help, this is actually sort of playable. I still have to put a small sliver of tissue paper in the record hole though.

- Bill
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Not if you had cats :)

no cats here, but our climate provides dust even in a virtually sealed room. and that is my best protection for my air bearing arm. :)
Kids, cats, cleaning ladies - another vote for a good dustcover!


Nice. I was wondering too, if the notion before that room vibrations, specially caused by huge woofers, can 'hit' and resonate the cartridge in today's massive turntables that do not have a dust cover.
Nice. I was wondering too, if the notion before that room vibrations, specially caused by huge woofers, can 'hit' and resonate the cartridge in today's massive turntables that do not have a dust cover.

Actually think it's the other way around. Dust covers color the sound by picking up vibrations.

'Course if want the best, put the table in another room :)

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