What are the sonic differences between Digital Connections for TotalDAC?


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May 31, 2010
How does AES sound vs SPDIF vs. USB?

What are the sonic differences between these digital connections?

Does one have to stay consistent with the same type of digital connection between re-clockers, streamers, and DACs or can one mix and match (example: transport to recloker - SPDIF and reclocker to DACs - AES)?

Also, what brands of cables have owners found successfully work with TotalDAC?

Thanks in advance


Apr 8, 2020
i havent tried anything other than AES connections in most of my system. But I have tried SPDIF vs AES into the DAC. To me AES sounds better. I can recommend Tellurium Q Silver Diamond digital interconnect for this - works very well for me. Even my partner as a non-audiophile noted a significant improvement with this interconnect.


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Feb 21, 2017
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida
I am using a Extreme for my server/streamer which has been optimized for USB (and having updated USB card installed), however
Vincent has indicated that AES is the preferred method of input to my TD d1-12 mk3 DAC. But in my situation USB is preferred.

I also employ a second reclocker (TD Reclocker mk2) and am using AES to connect between the 2 reclockers. So to answer your question above I am using USB into the first reclocker and then AES into the 2nd reclocker. You can vary your types of digital connections when using TotalDac.

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