Weiss Medea Plus DAC

Apr 5, 2012
SA - I believe the Medea+ and DAC1mk3 share exactly the same internals with different faceplates. I understand the logic behind wanting native DSD capability but personally I am not too bothered as 99% of my listening is done on 16/44.1 material.

Are you looking into purchasing a new DAC? What is the rest of your setup like?

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Sep 10, 2012
I listen predominantly via headphones for critical listening, the audition system was DAC1 mk3 feeding a SET driving Sennheiser HD800 and on certain high res recordings sound was not coming from the headphones it would simply appear like an audio hologram up to 10 metres from my listening position. I will usually only listen to redbook only if a high res recording is not available, i also can not comment on dsd vs pcm as i have not heard a native 2xdsd file but there seems to be too many people buzzing over it to dismiss it completely they can't all be on a placebo even Bruce B states DSD 128fs is the closest digital gets to tape , if we can't trust a mastering engineers ears we are all doomed aren't we?
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May 11, 2010
Smyrna, GA
Has anyone compared the Medea + with the EMM Labs DAC2X? I own the latter, and like it a lot, but I would really like to get volume control on the DAC, which EMM labs is not willing to commit to delivering (despite the fact the DAC2X can implement it through firmware upgrade). I like the concept of the hybrid analog / digital VC implementation on the Medea+, and may be giving it a whirl. Any input one the unit is appreciated. I would be using it with AES/EBU or USB - no firewire.

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