WBF Library: Speaker Design

Apr 3, 2010
Seattle, WA
This is a WBF library thread on best papers/presentations on speaker design.

I will keep updating this first page with all the suggestions.

Robert Harley overview on speaker technologies: http://www.avguide.com/review/loudspeaker-types-and-how-they-work-tas-207

Our own Dr. Geddes on speaker design philosophy he uses: http://www.gedlee.com/downloads/Philosophy.pdf

Paper on design and benefits of planar speakers from Wisdom Audio with intro to other types of speakers: http://www.wisdomaudio.com/pdfs/pm_white-paper.pdf

Pretty technical paper but nice analysis showing that inductance of drivers changes with amplitude: http://tymphany.com/files/papers/paper_AES117th_JR.pdf

On Voicecoil design material: http://voicecoilmagazine.com/media/mowry306.pdf

Harman paper on subwoofer placement: http://www.harman.com/EN-US/OurCompany/Technologyleadership/Documents/White Papers/multsubs.pdf