Tube preamp.. What to choose


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Apr 27, 2016
Have the last few months built up a new system. And while trying out some amplifiers I did try a hybrid one from Pathos and now trying a 50w push pull poweramp. Really enjoying what tubes does with the sound.

So Im currently looking for a good tube preamp or a good tube integrated one. All second hand. And budjet us about $2500

My top contender for integrated is Line Magnetic Audio 805IA

I currently have a pair of shanling SP 80C monos on loan from a friend and it is these Im looking for a preamp for.

Have found 2 that interests me alot.

Amare Musica Deforest Diamond and Supratek Cortese

Does any of you out there have experiance with these two?

I also have a third cheep one Im looking at. Primaluna Prologue Three, any comments on that one?
Supratek Cortese
Amare Musica deforest Diamond

PrimaLuna Prologue three
I have a Suratek Cortese and a Supratek Cabernet 300B.
Both are superb souding preamps .I have compared them to far more expensive preamps and they were much better.The Cortese using 6SN7s is probably the more neutral of the two.The Cabernet uses 300Bs and gives a more lush sound .Both give very deep and precise soundstage.Other preamps just sound a bit flat and lifeless by comparison.
Tube preamplifier with two XLR and two RCA inputs and a pair of XLR and RCA outputs. The device is made on the ideology of "double mono" and has independent for each channel transformer volume controls for 30 positions with status indication from 00 to 29, output transformers provide an output resistance of 150 Ohms, and remote control provides ease of use. The preamp has a tone control and the ability to work in linear and tone control modes. It also has an indication of the entry number and operating mode.


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Another preamp. This device has only RCA inputs and outputs. It is also based on a transformer volume control and a tube amplifier with an output transformer. A feature of this device is the presence of MM/MC preamp.


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I have the Amare Musica Deforest Diamond. If you are able to get this for $ 2500 just go for it!



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I have the Amare Musica Deforest Diamond. If you are able to get this for $ 2500 just go for it!

Hi are your drivers original or GPA? Also, what amps are those?
When investing in a tube gear it's always good to take tube replacement and tube rolling into an account. Take a look at the Primaluna, it uses the popular 12A_7 series. You will easily find many current productions and NOS tubes from this series. Amare Musica uses DHT tubes. They sound wonderful but are very expensive to replace/roll.
Pre-Amp: Granite audio 770R is an awesome pre amp....Imparts nothing to the recording so the artists vision comes thru unimpeded.

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