The Puritan PSM156

After receiving the PCM156 this week, I can say definitively it works well with Grimm MU2 which honestly I did not expect. Really good. Immediately cleans up a layer of grunge you didn’t know was there. Makes performers more present. Allows you to hear musicians individual parts more clearly. The imaging gets more distinct and solid. Bass gets more textured tight and resolved. 3D localization is more than i’ve ever had in any system. Now you can track precisely imaging in space with the electronic music I like to listen to and hear vertical and depth detail. Stuff like Chocolate Chip Trip from Tool was revelatory - they put a lot more in there than I ever knew! Contemplating the upgrade to statement PC and ground city but things are so good right now I honestly don't see the point. Curious how it will do with the M10X and my Synergisic Research switch now For reference, I've owned Denali V2 and Everest conditioners as well.
The Ultimate power cable is a definite step up over the classic, although the Classic is no slouch compared to other expensive brand cables

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