Stella Group Announces The Passing Of Hideaki Nishikawa

Steve Williams

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very sad news indeed. A wonderful man. RIP

Dear Partners and Friends,

It is with great sadness that Stella Inc. and Zephyrn inc. announce our
mentor, colleague and former-CEO Hideaki Nishikawa passed away on the
morning of 28th June, 2023 surrounded by his loving family. Hideaki was
81 years old. He had been receiving medical treatment after suffering
from respiratory failure. We extend our deepest sympathies to his family.

Hideaki was a very accomplished designer and a visionary and talented
entrepreneur. He co-founded Stellavox Japan (current Stella Inc.) as an
importer/distributor of high end audio components to Japan in 1989. In
2001, he established Zephyrn inc. and then started a house brand
TechDAS in 2010. Under the TechDAS brand, he developed and designed a
number of award-winning analog turntables, acclaimed Air Force
turntables across the world. Especially the Air Force Zero premiered in
2019 was his statement of analog audio, fulfilling his lifetime dream of
the ultimate record reproduction, where he devoted all his energy and
decades of accomplishments.

He had a profound knowledge and experiences of audio, and pursued the
way towards the absolute excellence in audio driven by passion, without
any compromise. He devoted himself to bringing his goal to fruition,
with superior sensitivity, creativity and insight about everything. His
energy and ambition always inspired and encouraged us to work toward the
same goal.

At the same time, he was very cheerful and open-minded with generosity
and warmth in nature. He loved traveling to meet a lot of friends in the
audio community across the world to inspire each other. Spending time
together with friends always gave him great pleasure. He was loved and
respected by his friends and everyone of us. We feel it was a great
privilege to work closely with Hideaki.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our sincere thanks for
your long standing support and friendship for Hideaki.

Hideaki's vision for the company will be continued by everyone of
Stella Group, led by Tsutomu Horikawa, CEO of Stella Inc, and Kohei Ando,
CEO of Zephyrn inc.

Sincerely yours,

Stella Group
(Stella Inc. / Zephyrn inc. / TechDAS)

Motofumi Hirata

Ron Resnick

Site Co-Owner, Administrator
Jan 24, 2015
Beverly Hills, CA
Hideaki Nishikawa's passing is a monumental loss to the advancement of the audio arts.

Steve Williams

Site Founder, Site Owner, Administrator
He was an amazing man. I remember a few years ago at THE Show, he had a private demo for me and DDK of his turntable. At the conclusion of the demo he gave us both 2 bottles of top shelf Sake which I have to this day. It was Nishikawa San who inspired me to get back into vinyl. His Tech Das AF1 occupies top shelf in my system
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May 3, 2021
Tehran, Iran
Sad news
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Feb 3, 2011
Alpharetta, Georgia
Huge loss for the industry. A tremendously important designer who was from all accounts a man of great integrity.


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May 3, 2021
Tehran, Iran
My Favorite Audio Designers who are not between us:
Kondo San (Kondo)
Vladimir Lamm (Lamm)
Tim Paravicini (EAR Yoshino)
Eduardo de Lima (Audiopax)
Hideaki Nishikawa (TechDAS)
Dave Wilson (Wilson Audio)


May 30, 2010
A real engineer that loved music and sound reproduction. His masterpieces will go on spreading his message. RIP.


Jan 13, 2018
Sad News may he RIP he was an important man in the history of true natural and dynamic analog playback.

His Micro Seiki SX8000 II was for decades best Analog reproduction exist.

His Air Force Zero that i heard two times is for me the Unbeatable winner, its for me so much better than all other tables as Jascha Heifetz was so much better than all other violinists....
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