Sound quality of Roon ROCK vs Roon Core OS

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Oct 22, 2021
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Sound Quality of Roon ROCK vs Roon Core

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Sound Quality of Roon ROCK vs Roon Core

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Recently I converted the Roon Core OS on Linux Ubuntu installed on a NUC11PAHi5 to Roon ROCK because NUC11 is finally compatible for ROCK installation. I must say that i am really surprised that Roon ROCK sounds much better than Roon Core on a NUC11 - streaming from Qobuz.
Low bass is deeper; imaging/vocals is more solid and dense; sound is more dynamic. Everything seems to sound louder and more solid at the same preamp volume level. Could this apparent improvement in “sound quality” be due to a higher USB digital output from the ROCK software, thus making the sound louder and more dynamic? I have experienced that using the Roon server software with Squeezebox player software on a dedicated Streamer sounds less loud compared to using Roon server and Roon player softwares.
I am using USB output to MSB Technology Pro USB and Pro ISL modules on a MSB Reference DAC.
Has anyone noticed any sound quality differences when converting from Roon Core to Roon ROCK on a NUC11 or older NUC.

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