Sonus Faber Suprema Flagship Loudspeaker $750,000


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Dec 6, 2011
Consoles Bob, they were called consoles. I'll never forget because my cousin Keith was almost crushed by one. It's okay, stitches. No permanent damage! It's funny now LOL

Man this thread went downhill fast. How the heck did we get to a BOSE 901? ROTFL

Jack, we got there because I mentioned speakers as a lifestyle product, in the family room for gatherings. These Sonus Faber speakers are furniture grade and marketing suggests they are in nice rooms and not isolated man caves, but the pastime of listening to music seems to have changed. I was lamenting my observation that when I grew up in the mid 1970s, our living room had a Bose console system. The kids came home after school to play their new records on the family system in the family room. Rhapsody described many of his clients still doing this. Sadly, I do not see this among my friends and their families anymore. That is all.

When I see speakers with this level of finish, shown in marketing ads in beautiful rooms, I think that the intent seems to be for a kind of lifestyle product, which to me is a strong positive. By that, I mean a speaker system integrated into a lifestyle of music enjoyment with others. I wish there was more of it.


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Nov 30, 2015
Agree 100%. This is just Veblen pricing for those few for whom price doesn't matter. I remember ...outrage? Surprise? at the price of the Chronosonic when they came out and I can't believe these will be materially better for twice the money.

Stand back a bit, say it slowly. Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars. For a pair of speakers. Completely ridiculous.
It's very simple. They priced it exactly like the Magico M9. Had the M9 been $ 500K, that would have been the price of this speaker as well. Nothing to do with "value". It's what they think the market suggests.
Exactly. These prices are no longer related to performance or build cost. It’s merely a number attached to their flagship to match another brand’s flagship.
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