Schiit Yggdrasil or Holo May (and if May, how much does ZTE version get you) or ??? in the $5k range?


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Hola Chicos, I got my Holo May Kte in the middle of Sept. It did made a huge change for good to my system. I had an Exasound DAC previously and this new sound for my ears belongs to another higher level. A big step ahead and still improving. Last night I was listening to the Mozart No 10 Concert for two pianos. One piano at the stage is little toward left and the other toward right to my virtual stage.

Everything is clean, neat and real wide stage, but what really amazed me was how different the piano instrument sound vs the is my very first time to get this difference so evident. This is telling me how accurate is the harmonic texture of this marvellous May Kte.

I am really very impressed with this. It is not only, the extension for the low frequency and the high frequency. I am rediscovering all my music, it does not fixed what is bad on the shows the truth of what is into the recordings. And as you amigos, I do not oversampling. NOS is more precise, and there are a lot of info that I never got before.

To my ears, it really worth every penny! Happy listening!

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