Reinstalled M-60s in the system, driving Serenity Super-7s

Dec 16, 2018
Phoenix, Arizona USA
Yes, the Quad 2905s are off-duty while the Super-7s are on-duty.
2019Mar06_R-ch. 7 & 60s_1500w.jpg
Ran this combo for a couple years until early last year when the bass-amp's noise annoyed me enough to remove them--speakers and bassamps and M-60s.. Knowing that the bassamps would have to work correctly for me to sell the speakers if I decided to, I got the bassamps repaired this year and reinstalled the S7s driven by the existing 140-Watt MA-1s.. That all sounded excellent so I switched in the M-60s (which are the current 3.3 versions).. Oh my--I'm in musical heaven again.

Briefly, the S7s are equally transparent and excellent sounding in the treble as the Quads, while the Quads' MR MIGHT be a tad more transparent--or maybe not; they're both excellent. In the bass, the S7s' powered, double-12", servo-controlled, open-baffle bass is significantly better all around--more extended, better defined, and in my room with the two systems parked in almost-exactly the same spots, the S7s never drone where the Quads did on massed orchestral basses.

The M-60s' coupling and output-stage PSs have been bypassed exactly the same way as the MA-1s have, but the '60s' front-end-PSs have SoniCap Platinums instead of Miflex copper-foil/paper&'propylene/oil caps; I have the Miflexes ordered for the '60s.

I'm really happy with this combo--and I thought NOTHING could sound better than the Quads!--and probably will sell them. Those wanting more info on the Super-7s should look here.
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