And now it's the MA-1s in the system and with fewer output tubes

Dec 16, 2018
Phoenix, Arizona USA
I believe most A-S owners understand that their amps can operate succesfully without some of their output tubes (OTs) as long as they're removed in left-half/right-half pairs.. My MA-1s are now operating quite well with only 2 pairs of OTs per amp instead of their original seven pairs.. Probably in October, when Phoenix is no longer in summer, I'll add a couple pairs per amp.
2019Jul03_1040335_w 2 pairs OTs_1600w.jpg

After some consideration over a couple weeks including realizing that I still fantasize about the Revel Ultima2 Salon2 systems (with their 4-Ohm impedance), I decided that the MA-1s with their much-higher power were more flexible than the M-60s, so back in they went.. I also bought (from Mouser) new output-stage PS caps (Nippon Chemi-Con 27000/160s) which will be bypassed with Blackgate 470/160s and the SoniCap Platinum (TFTF) 1uFs already in the amps.. I'll select the four closest in capacitance.
2019Jul02_1040332_6 + 4 new PS caps_1600w.jpg
More pics later.
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