Pathe Wings record weight


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Jun 13, 2013
E. England
Just a quick one. My analog reinstall has been a real voyage of discovery, from improved arm mount and unipivot points, bespoke psu.s, Stacore isolating platform, and the discovery that correct VTA makes a difference.

I've chanced on this record weight after experiencing how good Panzerholz is under my Zus.

They do a whole series of weights, from under 300g to over 1000g. In a whole selection of composite materials, even incl Gold!

I went for the 445g Fusion model, metal/Panzerholz combo.

Not night and day in my system, but a layer of euphonic warmth and grunge has been stripped out, leading to greater intelligibility, resolution, but no sacrifice of natural warmth.

A snip at <€100.

If you're baulking at some of the prices being charged for weights and clamps, give Pathe Wings some serious consideration.

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