My Pachanko Server is here. A bargain at 16k Euros?!

On the 15th of December Piet de Vries from Audiotweaks wrote in the facebook group: Pachanko ‘Stunning digital sound performance’: ...........Show your Pachanko! Pachanko Constellation Masterpiece feeding SPEC RMP-UB1 Diretta bridge with SPEC DAC-3EX and Diretta ready Sforzato DSP-010EX network music player with Sforzato PMC-010EX precision clock............

From this week on is this Sforzato at my home! It is the Sforzato DSP-010EX network music player with Sforzato PMC-010EX precision clock. Earlier this year I borrowed it from him.The day these pieces of equipment went back to Piet I missed it 24/7! Now it is back. Yes!

In combination with the Pachanko mini SE and Stellar power supply, together with the Pachanko Stellar Velvety Ether Lan cable, the sound is….just…so incredible! Incredible good!

I could use 1000 words to describe the sound. I will not do it. Just believe me. The sound of this combination is just…right! So utterly right! O so right! Just the way I like it. This Sforzato has the Diretta board. So I am listening now, to Diretta and also with the HQ Player. I use ROON for his libary function etc. This day I had some chatting with Chan form Pachanko. He said something so true. The sound I am listening is mainly the sound given by the mini SE in combination with the Sforzato. With the help of Diretta. But Diretta is ‘just’ a protocol. OKE! A very special protocol! It is just how amazing how Pachanko incorporated Diretta in there computer audio transports that makes the sound so outstanding.

On the first Picture you can see the Sforzato DSP-010EX network music player with Sforzato PMC-010EX precision clock at Piet his place. The demonstration room at his company. The rest of the pictures are at my house. The amp is the Densen DM-20 en DM-30. For twenty years I owned these amazing amps. Sometimes we all made mistakes. My mistake is that I sold this very musical amps and forgot them! Till an half year ago. I could buy a nice pair in Germany. The loudspeakers are the Tannoy Westminsters Royal SE. The turntable is the Linn LP12. The lamp is a so called ‘Audiolamp’. This lamp has an positive influence on the room or the listener. With this lamp the sound is for every listener more pleasant.


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I received my Pachanko Stellar LPS last week and I have to say yes it made a very nice addition to my setup. I have the dual output version (5V & 12V) model. I'm using mine to power my EtherStream2 switch and Diretta Target. The LPS replaced my eBay LPS and stock power cube. With the Pachanko LPS my system seems to be a bit more dynamic and smooth. Seems a little more transparent in a good way. Still very musical which is what I want.



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Very happy owner (as of two days now) of the Constellation Reference. Chan has (as always) gone out of his way to provide real time guidance and support (even on a Sunday afternoon!). First impressions very good using USB, now playing with HQPlayer and hopefully in a couple of weeks will have impressions to share using Diretta as well!
A while ago I was in the opportunity to try out a Pachanko – Diretta combi from in my audio homeset (Rhein Silent Angel Z1, SOtM sMS-200ultra + SOtM tX-USBultra, Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ (all with Farad3 power supplies), Willsenton R8 and Living Voice OBX2 speaker. And although I was initially skeptical, this Pachanko Constellation Mini SE with the accompanying Pachanko Stellar Linear Power Supply and a Diretta USB Bridge (Oliospec Canario DUB) don't leave my house anymore. This is so incredibly good that I decided to buy the set. I deliberately chose the Panchanko Mini SE because it allows me to use HQPlayer, in my case even nicer than the standard Diretta Roon audio output. Even more finesse, placement, layering, musicality with enough detail without it ever getting sharp. Even at low levels it is just very pleasant listening, for me a sign that it is all right. And all this while my old Silent Angel Rhein Z1 - SOtM sMS-200ultra - SOtM tX-USBultra combo is also extremely good. Or maybe I should say was, because those devices may be looking for a new owner.

Great story Pim. I couldn’t agree more. Happy listening it sounds great!
I agree with you that you need to wait 1-2 years for a new car. However, you do not need to pay the full amount while waiting. And when you decide to pull it out, you can move on, no stress.
Interesting discussion that makes a case for a brick and mortar store where you pay at receipt.
Hello All,

A quick update on my system... I have received the Pachanko Labs Stella Linear PSU for almost a month now. I guess it's fully burn in. It's the 12V 5A and 5V 3A to power my Mini SE and Olio.Spec Canarino Bridge DUB. I have to say it sounds REALLY GOOD. Full of dynamic, yet smooth and full-body. Now my Roon Core server side includes a Constellation Mini SE, Olio.Spec Diretta Target, both powered by Stella Linear PSU. I also use a Pachanko Nano Silver USB 1.5m from Olio.Spec to my Weiss DAC 501 MK II DAC and a Pachanko Velvety Ether LAN 1.5m from my SOtM switches to Mini SE. Now I'm waiting for another Pachanko Velvety Ether LAN 1m to connect from the Mini SE to Olio.Spec.

My Reference is shipped. I should receive it soon.

I'm a very happy man, for now.


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After a short but quite convincing demo at my dealer's (between USB and Diretta outputs, Diretta greatly improves the soundstage and the overall 'feeling' of the musical presentation becomes at the same time both more controlled but without losing the dynamics, not sure how to describe it to be honest..., it just flows more 'naturally'...) I have added the SPEC RMP-UB1 (LAN version) to the digital chain (EtherRegen + Farrad S3 PS -> Constellation Reference -> SPEC UB1 -> DAC). I believe the digital journey is now complete!

After a short but quite convincing demo at my dealer's (between USB and Diretta outputs, Diretta greatly improves the soundstage and the overall 'feeling' of the musical presentation becomes at the same time both more controlled but without losing the dynamics, not sure how to describe it to be honest..., it just flows more 'naturally'...) I have added the SPEC RMP-UB1 (LAN version) to the digital chain (EtherRegen + Farrad S3 PS -> Constellation Reference -> SPEC UB1 -> DAC). I believe the digital journey is now complete!

Congratulation! I did many comparisions between connection throught Diretta VS USB with Mini SE. I always like the sound from Diretta much better than ASIO & WASAPI USB connection. It's more "organic" and "analog-like", no digital edge at all. The bass is more solid and well-define. The mid flows smoother, especially piano and violin. I'm using Olio.Spec Canarini Bridge DUB with Stella LPSU.
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My Constellation Reference finally arrived a few days ago. The PSU is massive!!! It weights like an amplifier. May be 20 kg or so!

I'm running it through Diretta to Olio.Spec Canarino Bridge DUB (with Stella LPS powering it.) I'm using Stella Velvety Ether LAN 1 m from SOtM switch to Reference, and another Stella Velvety Ether LAN 1.5 m from Reference to Olio.Spec Diretta Target. I also use the Stella Nano Silver USB 1.5 m into my Weiss DAC 501 MK II 4-CH (not in this picture.) I listen to Weiss first because it's always my favorite DAC.

First listen, it's clearly better than Mini SE plus Stella LPSU, as it should. The scale is bigger, more slam. Mid range flow smoother. But I need to run it in for another 200 hoursor so. But the first day, I was very impressed.

Mine Reference is the silver one. The black one is my customer's.


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Proud new owner of the Pachanko Labs Constellation Mini
....and my (hilarious, sorry Chan) first impressions of a different customer service experience.

Good day to all members. Being new to the forum, I must apologize for my lengthy first post, but had no other way to fully convey my audio emotions of today.

Four days ago I visited Chameleon Audio in Athens.
I was decided on purchasing the SOTM Ultra Neo network bridge.
I entered the shop with the air of an audio connaisseur who knew what he wanted and wanted it NOW!

The owner of the business, Nick (...thanks NicK!) tried to say something in the lines of "would you like to audition..."
I steadily repeated "I want the SOTM Ultra Neo..." I am certain that Nick thought I was some kind of Audio nenderthal.

Nick proceeded to switch off the air conditioning, a true suicide move in Athens in August, asked me to sit at the listening position, and pressed a few buttons on his ipad.

Jazz music started playing but it was different to what I had heard - in the digital domain - in any audio show or presentation.
Music was "creamy and airy" with a black background that I can only describe as mystical.
In the silent pauses within the songs I got goosebumps.

With the same sense of audio neanderthal certainty I turned around and said to Nick...
"The SOTM is an amazing piece of gear!!!"
Nick smiled and responded "yes it is a great piece of gear, You are listening to the Pachanko Labs Constellation Mini"
It replaces your current computer and eliminated the need for a separate bridge!

I was not at all convinced!!!! What was Nick trying to do? I wanted the SOTM? What was he playing at?
He saw my distrust at what I was hearing and said. "We shall AB both equipment, but the Pachanko gear is much, much better sounding."
We sat down and listened to 5 songs, then again. After 45 minutes of trying to pick every little detail apart I conceded...

With - still - a slightly hesitant facial expression - I told Nick, "Pack it, I m taking it home"!
Nick explained we had to place an order (black color not in stock). The shop would be closing for 2 weeks for vacation period.
I would get my unit at end of month.
I was sort of fuming....first you let me hear heaven....then I agree to purchase...then you don't have?????
:eek::eek::eek::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool: Took the unit and headed to work, opening the box every 10 minutes, just to check the Mini had not escaped.

Having finished late at work I headed home, hooked-up the unit and had a listen to 4 of my favorite/reference songs.
The sound was AMAZING....Airy, Soundstage beyond the limits of the side walls, voices that where really inside the room and singing!!!!
I was really tired so I headed to bed absolutely happy. What a purchase!!!!!

The next morning - first thing - I received a parcel. And what good timing indeed to receive this order...
New sftp ethernet cables, fiber optic to replace most of my lan copper, media converters, ifi audio low noise power supply for the converters...

I installed everything and switched on the music streaming from Tidal and upsampling to DSD as I normally do.
I was certain I had an awesome system at this point. Being morning time I left the system playing background music at low level.
A few hours later it was time to zoom in. I sat in my chair, relaxed, put on my favorite track and maxed the volume....

A boomy sound comming out of my Proacs, muddy, murky....
A sound more resembling to a 1950s TV with a shot full range driver.
What black magic was this???? Nick, what have you done to my system?????

I was coming from Audirvana. This was my first hands on experience with Roon.
I took a moment to think and swiftly concluded...
"Roon is s@@t"!

Nick had left me with specific instructions. If anything happens call Chan at Pachanko Labs.
I emailed Chan and 10 minutes later we were speaking on the phone.
I explained how I had heard the Constellation Mini, was amazed, but I was having trouble with Roon or settings or setup...
SOMETHING WAS CLEARLY WRONG! MY ULTRA TRAINED :)rolleyes:) ears were not lying to me.

I sounded so disappointed. Chan went through all the settings with me.
I started questioning him on everything you can imagine, as something was clearly to blame....
Chan must have also sensed how freaked out I was....

Over the course of the next three days we went over every little detail, re-installing software, remotely changing settings.
Chan, to his credit, wes ultra patient with me as every day for the next three days I was telling him how bad my system sounded!
He explained every bit of tech that Pachanko have applied to the Constellation, including the "Diretta" upgrading path (ethernet protocol)
We tried every bit of tweak....hours....

Then we had a sincere call where I told Chan
"Look your product and my system clearly don't mix".
Both of us were disappointed. Chan reluctantly added....
Maybe your sound taste is different to mine...maybe its just that....we shall see what we can do.
Perhaps I could swap the Constellation Mini with another model?....
(Chan, If it was me in your shoes, I would have told me to @@@@ @@@!!!)
We started entertaining the idea, both an unenthusiastic me, and a Chan at the brink of sanatorium "check-in"

Yesterday evening I was so unhappy.
I had heard magic playing out of the Pachanko Constellation Mini....But it had disappeared.
I had made a bad purchase. At least the company was supporting me with unbelievable hand-on service.
I was convinced though that most probably Roon was ruining my day.
Through all this I think Chan must have just wanted to push the "eject" button!:cool:

I sat on my listening chair, 12 o clock at night, and turned the volume up. WHAT HORROR????
This was like a lego sounding system!!!!!
I was perplexed. I took everything apart. EVERYTHING! amps, cables, dac, preamp, everything.
Then started from scratch.

When I got the the point of connecting the system to the ethernet, I had left the fiber optic gear on the side and could be bothered....
NAH...connect 5 pieces of equipment or the old copper cable and I am done? It was 3 in the morning so I just plugged in the damn copper cable and was done with it. switched on the system, put my favorite "XIASOU / Analog Dreams in a Digital World"

!@#$!%!#%%#$%#%!%#%#%%!.....WHAAAAAATTTT.....WHAT MAGIC WAS THIS....I WAS SUDDENLY IN HEAVEN????????
I got up, got the remote, pushed pause, and brought volume to 12 o clock. I wanted to be certain there was no mistake....
The highs were suddenly appearing from 2 meters behind my speakers and tickling my brain cells.
An extremely well defined bass that was punching my chest at every beat of music.
That creamy, airy, musically-perfect with fantastic tonal balance sound!!!!!!

I WAS SUCH AN IDIOT!!!! Installing the Constellation Mini and the fiber optic at the same time it did not occur to me that the Media Converter would be screwing up the sensitive ethernet input of this small little jewel, the Pachanko Constellation Mini!!!
By this time I was in fact twice an idiot as my wife, clearly freaked out, was blasting at me "WHAT ARE YOU DOING AT 03:15 IN THE MORNING" and my jumping up and down shouting at her, over the loud music, "IT WORKS, IT WORKS, LISTEN!!!LISTEN!!!!!!" she was not entertained....
I WAS!!!!!!!

This morning I had an extra call to make.
"Chan, sorry I am an idiot"...

PACHANKO, thank you for your patience, thank you for your help and support, and thank you for a great product.
The least I can do is to recognize the unprecedented level of support over past 3 days.
The best I can do is to recognize, having discussed with you thoroughly, the technical genius behind your implementation on the Constellation Mini.


A fan for life


I have about the same experience as you.

the constallation mini sounds amazingly good. Everything you describe in terms of emotion and sound quallity I also experienced. It is a great device.

And with regard to optical with I also have the same experience. it only really sounds optimal here with only Ethernet cables, without the expensive OM with optimal power supply and top class SFPs. These were located after the mini. Removing all this, immediately brought back what you describe, great sounding top streamer that mini.

I connected the mini with an audioquest VODKA ethernet cable to my router and with a farad super 3 (with upgrades) as power supply. Sounds really great with Roon and without diretta. It is a pitty that the mini does not have an HQ player option.

I think this mini outperforms many streamers, also the more expensive class
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I have been using Constellation Mini almost 6 months. In this period of time, Chan recommended Fidelizer''s switch to me, a very cost-effective upgrade to my CAS. Also, he keeps optimizing my Mini. I just received and installed the new Stellar LPS. Now, the background is even darker. This improves the soundstage presentation, it is hard to believe my CAS is able to create a "borderless" soundstage in my bedroom. The imaging is so good that the vocal and the instruments have their own space and sound like floating in the air. I can almost touch the singer. it is so engaging and just like flowing in the stream of music. My Weiss DAC 501 4ch helps too, my DAC501 and Mini team up very well.

I need to buy a 2kg Vibbeater for the LPS
View attachment 101669
View attachment 101670
View attachment 101671
Hi pngbb did you upgrade your 501 from orignal to MKII, I too have the 501 and waiting on the upgrade looking forward to receiving it.It is a very nice DAC to start with, also do you like the fidelizer. Thank you
Hi pngbb did you upgrade your 501 from orignal to MKII, I too have the 501 and waiting on the upgrade looking forward to receiving it.It is a very nice DAC to start with, also do you like the fidelizer. Thank you
I upgraded my 501 to MKII already, actually the DAC501 will be displayed as "DAC501 - 4ch" after the upgrade. The SQ improvement is significant and has a new DSP for open headphone, I am sure you will love it. In HK the upgrade cost is near to 1/3 of the selling price of 501 and the upgrade only took 2 to 3 hours. Oh, Fidelizer switch is another surprise~ With Fidelizer switch, the sound is more organic, background is darker, better soundstage and imaging. The SQ improvement is significant and only cost US$450. I really thank Chan recommended this switch to me.
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I upgraded my 501 to MKII already, actually the DAC501 will be displayed as "DAC501 - 4ch" after the upgrade. The SQ improvement is significant and has a new DSP for open headphone, I am sure you will love it. In HK the upgrade cost is near to 1/3 of the selling price of 501 and the upgrade only took 2 to 3 hours. Oh, Fidelizer switch is another surprise~ With Fidelizer switch, the sound is more organic, background is darker, better soundstage and imaging. The SQ improvement is significant and only cost US$450. I really thank Chan recommended this switch to me.
Hi pngbb,
Thank you for the reply I look forward to getting it ??, your comment is appreciated.


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Recently received my Pachanko Constellation Masterpiece server (formerly called Constellation SE+) and just want to share some initial impressions with you guys.

I had little knowledge of this company except for their digital cables which have received great feedbacks from a lot of people doing DIY servers. I had researched other choices before I took the plunge (I had an old thread ages ago about it).
  • Taiko. (love to try one but over what I am comfortable spending on a server)
  • Innuos Statement (similar price point, easy plug and play, 2 boxes)
  • Antipodes K40. (from NZ, close to me! a LOT of good reviews. specs look a bit meh on paper)

My current setup:

CH C1 (with HD streaming card)-T1-X1-M10- Marten Mingus Orchestra.

Network is optimised with dedicated power circuits w gigawatt inwall cablings, Sablon ethernet cables head to toe, SBoosters on modems, clocked SOTM and Uptone ER powered by Uptone JS-2.

I use ROON, despite a lot of people bagging it, it’s the best music interface I have tried and for a computer-illiterate like myself it’s great. I have tried Taiko Beta version TAS and CH’s own app. They are both terrible from a user experience point of view (sorry Taiko fans!)

So…. after hours of research and many many emails to Pachanko I spent my hard earn $ and went for it. Not knowing what to expect... this is a company that does almost zero marketing. At least I could find very little about them.

I belong to the camp that believes power is extremely important to digital playback, or any HiFi component for that matter. Over 20+ yrs of doing this, I have learned that #1 is the room, #2 is quality of the power supply. Without these 2 things optimised you are pretty much swimming against the current.

The 2-box power supply is a beast, and that’s what sets this apart. The rest are just computer parts and software to me. I have seen the internals and the amount of Mundorf caps that were packed in there is ridiculous. No wonder they need 2 boxes to fit everything in. Taiko has a beefy power supply too but it’s on a different price point.

The 2 LPS boxes are connected via a short umbilical and another custom DC cable with Neutrik plugs into the Server. Has a thick copper base plate and some cheapo rubber feet. I placed them on Voodoo Iso-pods. I believe Pachanko used to sell the LPS on their own (minus the servers) but they seem to have taken it off their website and just offering a low-spec LPS. Maybe the margins are crap as these aren’t cheap to make?

FYI, my previous Roon server was a Silent Angel Rhein Z1, powered by Uptone JS-2. And that served me well over 1 yr and tbh, for the cost (with a good LPS), it will kill a lot of more expensive servers. It convinced me that digital is the way to go in the future. I A/B tested the Z1 with standard adaptor vs LPS, it’s a must imo.

After some long saga with manufacturer/COVID delays, they finally arrived via DHL and Pachanko immediately dialed into the server and helped me setup and uploaded my music onto it. And after some tweaking from them, it was up and running in no time.

They came double-boxed with foam damping on the insides, and the idiots at DHL threw the box around a bit, luckily no major damage inside. I would prefer some better packaging for something at this price point, ie custom sized thicker foam and internal dividers. There’s also no instructions manuals or warranty card etc. For a small company, it’s ok.

I am waiting for their reference powercord to come (supposed to be included for this top-of-line model), so currently using an old PAD Dominus to power the LPS. They recommend plugging this into the High-current output of my conditioner, not the digital output due to how hungry the LPS is.

Quality is great. These low-production products worry me always as QC can be hit and miss. But it feels like a tank. The Server box is your generic DIY metal case, Taiko/Innuos have nicer looking bespoke designs imo. The LPS have heavy milled aluminium cases with integrated cooling slots. Not sure if it’s off the shelve design like the server but I haven’t seen this used elsewhere. Anyway, I like the look of the LPS. Back of server just look like a computer with standard USB slots etc, LPS power plug is Furutech NCF type. Pachanko was kind enough to change the colour of the power buttom LED to amber from the standard blue, to match the rest of my CH gear.

Bit of a pain to find room on my rack cos there are 3 boxes (with short cords) and the LPS are heavy! They don’t run hot so I can place them inside a cabinet with minimal air flow.

So… how does it sound?

I left them on 24/7 (the caps take a while to run in). But I usually leave my system on 24/7 anyway. So my initial impression after a few days of running in:

It’s Quiet. Very quiet background. Music just pops out at you and the holographic presentation is further improved (it was pretty good already!). Vocals especially is more palpable. I love listening to live recordings and the soundstaging/ and imaging is just magical.

It conveys music in a trueful way. I ran thru some older recordings and my old server seems to iron out more of the “nasties” while the Pachanko just tells it like it is. So good and bad with this. Good recordings sounds better, Poor recordings sounded worse. Does this mean the Pachanko extracts more details? I don’t know. It is what it is.

Any more details it will be bordering on fatiguing to my ears. Think Esoteric digital fatiguing. This is just enough details for me. I am more of a soundstage/image guy, my CH system is quite detail and resolving already. Bass is another area that was improved. The quality of the “thump” has further improved and it was one of things I wanted to play around with but given constraints of my listening room it was hard. I don’t have a big room but it’s well treated.

One thing that surprised me was the Tidal streaming was also improved. That I don’t quite understand as streaming is via the CH streaming card. I asked them and apparently it’s the software or file management via Roon that accounts for the change? Damn if I know but I am not complaining. It’s super responsive in Roon as well, which is prob due to a faster processor vs my old server.

After upgrading to the CH M10 (from M1.1), I was thinking “this is it for me”, it’s 10 out of 10 already.

This new server just notched it up another 0.5, so it’s now 10.5 out of 10 :)

Is it a massive improvement over my old server? No, at the level of my system any upgrade is marginal and subjective. Don’t kid yourselves! I don’t have super-human hearing like some of you guys have, and I am not one of those who rave about putting an damping footer and how it “totally” transformed the system.o_O

But I would say the real world improvement I got is of the same magnitude as upgrading your speaker cables + interconnects. And for those who has an already good system/speakers that are resolving enough, this server makes a difference. And for those who don’t, spend money on room treatments then get better components first imo.

As for the Pachanko, I would defintely put it on your shortlist.

For 16k euros retail, it's both expensive and a bargain at the same time. That power supply ain’t cheap to make and Pachanko cables aren’t cheap either. Support been good and CHAN (who is one of the owners) has always been quick to reply my queries.

I can see Pachanko now has many new products coming up and several cheaper server models available too. I would say their lower priced models would be quite attractive for someone on a lower budget and fewer rack spaces:). I am usually quite skeptical of smaller audio companies as it’s quite a cut-throat industry, esp now with COVID etc. But imo Pachanko deserves to be considered amongst other hi-end servers.

View attachment 81298

Happy to answer any questions.
Congrats on new server I had K40 before and believe me there’s a lot better sounding out there for a lot less money too.

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