Mola Mola Tambaqui question


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Apr 25, 2014
I'm getting a good deal on one. I currently have the Holo Audio May KTE. To be honest, I think the May is excellent, and coming from the Chord TT2, it really is a no-contest in terms of realism and 3d soundstage that the May provides. I said to myself about two years ago after hearing the May in my system that I will only go for R2R designs because I have never heard a chip-based dac present music in this natural way. But here I am, looking at a good deal on a Tambaqui and I am wondering if it will be an upgrade to my system or just a different flavor. Maybe I should just save money and stick with a higher end r2r dac like MSB or Aries Cerat? hmm
What about R2R chips like the BB PCM63 and PCM1704 or AD 1865 or AD1862 or UltraAnalog D20400A?? I find these to sound better than just about all of the new crop of macro-resistor based R2R dacs like the May or Denafrips.

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