Mobile Apps for the older kids - 5 - 8 and up


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Sketch Nation Shooter -

Yes, it's a shooter. Remember "Asteroids" of old? It's similar. The fun and creative thing about this is that you get to make / create your own space ships and aliens.

If the boys are going to play shooters anyway, why not something that's creative as well? :)


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Max and the Magic Marker -

This one is excellent. Great graphics, creativity & logical thinking, a must. As Max, you are drawing things with your magic market that "come to life" - great use of physics & gravity - i.e. drawing a see-saw, standing on one end, drawing a ball that falls on it so you are sent shooting up to the level you need to get to. A sailboat to cross water, etc. etc.

99 cents for iPhone, $2.99 for iPad.


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An oldie but goody, Issac Newton's Gravity - (It's free? Really?

Logic puzzle game, using gravity. You have levels, a ball or balls and some other objects. The goal is to depress a large red button somewhere on the screen. The trick is that it doesn't have to be done with the ball. :D

Levels increase in difficulty so this one can scale upwards, and there is a "create your own levels" mode.


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Isaac Newton's Gravity is great fun - my son played all the levels, and now enjoys making new puzzles to confound Daddy.

Another fun game is Where's My Water:

Another game where my puzzle solver son irritates Daddy by finishing all the levels whereas I'm stuck (and won't admit it to him).

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