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And a final return to the TechDas room for IMO the best music demo of the show.....and a lengthy conversation with Nishikawa San about the upcoming release of the Air Force Zero

IMG_0424Los Angeles Audio Show 2017.JPG

IMG_0423Los Angeles Audio Show 2017.JPG

IMG_0425Los Angeles Audio Show 2017.JPG

IMG_0426Los Angeles Audio Show 2017.JPG

Steve Williams

Site Founder, Site Owner, Administrator
In summary, it was refreshing to hear that the hotel had rented not only every allocated room to vendors but so also all of the guest rooms reserved for the show were also filled. My big concern Friday and Saturday was lack of general foot traffic. I'm not there today but hopefully it is better.

On the whole I found virtually every room had some or many issues and in most cases the rooms had some form of room treatments so when a room sounded half decent it made me stand up and take notice

There were many terrific room demos but overall IMO there were but a few memorable rooms that I would like to comment on in a separate thread

Finally my sincerest apologies for so many photos embedding sideways. Each time I rotated them they still embedded wrong and with the number of photos I wanted to pictorialize the show, so again my apologies

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