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Hi all. It's late evening and I'm kind of wiped from all the floor work and 462 photos that I am working on. Let me start by saying that the show although well represented by manufacturers and vendors was unrepresented by the paying public and audiophile community. Yesterday you could sit front seat in virtually any room and pretty much the same today, That must cause some concern as I understand these rooms weren't inexpensive. This plus the fact that virtually every room I was in had some restrictions that caused issues.So it's not a perfect world.

I agree with Mike Lavigne about wrist badges for the paying public whilst everyone else had a badge. I didn't notice that until Mike pointed it out as I had a badge and assumed everyone else did as well.

There were several really good rooms that made me want to come back for follow up listens. I will reserve my comments until all my pictures have been posted as well

I'll start off with a few rooms and keep the thread closed until I have finished posting all photos tomorrow, so please bear with me

Steve Williams

Site Founder, Site Owner, Administrator
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