LFD Cables (phono and I.C.) from the UK, cables as components

these dongles looks like lessloss x640 filters .
are they decrease grain by emi filtering?
a post/comment to an 18 month old thread with a complete baseless guess. is that how you typically judge things? just assume there is circuitry inside with zero basis for doing that? why go out of your way to stir this up? someone put you up to it?

then Ked piles on.

these 'dongles' are simply a way to overcome the DIN connection limitations. a DIN connector has very limited space so compromises the signal path. the 'dongle' overcomes that limitation. Mik describes it in more detail. reach out to Mik if you want more information.

there are no hidden circuits or nefarious goings on inside the dongles. those who have heard these at Mik's place appreciate what they can do.

phono cartridges output very low signals, so phono cables are very significant. and the DIN connection is a major limitation to phono cable performance.

ignorance can be the source of humor. Mik is not here and likely won't be to respond.

carry on.
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