Is Velodyne going out of business?


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Apr 21, 2010
Near Atlanta, GA but not too near!
I wasn't using room correction in my RELs.
I actually had an acoustic analysis of my room done, using just my speakers and no subs, and it showed:
"Both speakers show peaks at 38Hz and 49Hz, though the left dominates the combined response. Higher up there's a peak in the right speaker at 91Hz that dominates the combined response."
I've since changed the position of the speakers and though it sounds more musical with better articulation in the bass, I have no idea how it measures.
IMHO, to make sure you end up without some huge peaks in your lower response, I HIGHLY recommend room correction in all frequencies occupied by your next subs. If you are not the adventurous type and don't know how to perform the analysis and correction, then find someone who does and employ them. There are a number of folks here who use JL subs and I know those subs have some kind of EQ in them. Check with them since JL subs are highly regarded. In fact, Steve Williams, "Superintendent" of this website, has a pair for sale.


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Aug 6, 2017
6 of their 17 subs are listed as out of stock, some have been for a good while and one DD Plus is listed as one left. A few dealer sites note the Optimum series as discontinued.
I spoke with a Home Cinema dealer yesterday, and he said that he hasn't been able to order any Velodyne subs from the manufacturer, and not from the country distributor either.

So it seems like the rumor is correct.

I'm so glad I managed to buy a DD+10 before they ran out of stock. I guess the warranty isn't worth much though.

Ahh well...



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Apr 3, 2017
A little late to this thread. FYI
On the Velodyne Acoustics site I recently left a voice mail message on the sales number (669) 275-2217 interested in purchasing and a message was returned the next day. I spoke with a woman who had unopened stock for sale at roughly 44% of retail without warrantee plus shipping. In person pick up would be at a Fremont CA location. Your on your own with this so beware.

Third party service would be handled by George Meyer TV & Stereo (310) 820 1113, 4844 W. Jefferson Blvd. Los Angeles, CA. 90016.
There is also an East Coast service location listed on the site.

Sadly one of the best onboard Room Optimization packages the recent Frequency Response & Pramaters Screen was magic at crossover setups, connectivity flexibility and very low distortion.

A friend wheeled in a JL Gothem. We ran its ADRO then slaved it from the DD Plus. Palleezzz. There's a lot of substantial cabinets out there with ruddi-puut control.
May 25, 2010
SF Bay Area
What is ruddi-putt control? Thanks, Larry


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Dec 26, 2010
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