Introducing the Alana loudspeaker by Illusio Audio


Aug 1, 2022
Duke it was a pleasure working with you this weekend and our room together at the show was amazing. Great sound. I felt like I wasn’t working. We were just brothers enjoying the music.
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Mar 28, 2017
Too many transporters and freight companies are struggling to do their basic business. In this economy shipping is a gamble.
This really gets under my skin. Now, when you insure your package it is just to insure that it gets there. I mean isn't that what I am paying for to begin with -- for them to deliver the package.

I would like to make a plug for a shipping company I use whenever I can. That is "Team Worldwide". They are super friendly, helpful, responsive and never seem to have issues. And all of that with what is typically the least expensive shipping quote.
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Duke LeJeune

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Jul 22, 2013
Princeton, Texas
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