Help with a Logitech z906 surround speaker system


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Mar 1, 2022
Hi everyone i have got the logitech z906 speaker system but it has got a fault when i turn it on it will randomly pop in the speaker then turn off im unsure whether or not the issue is the little console pod or the actual amp/board on the back of the sub woofer?

Is there anyway i could buy a receiver or a amp to power the sub and the speakers?? i think the speakers are not the issue but im unsure if you can do it with the amp because i have read online you get active and passive woofers i was hoping to buy something like a nobsound HiFi 5.1 Channel Bluetooth Digital Amplifier the last two pictures are of the nobsound.

If anyone has got any advice on how to get these speakers working it would be appreciated.


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