Hector Costita - 1981

Ron Resnick

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Jan 25, 2015
Beverly Hills, CA
A friend played for me a Brazilian jazz musician -- Hector Costita -- on the album 1981 (Som Da Gente).


I thought the music was great and I thought the recording was great! (At first I thought he was Jim Croce!)

Is anyone familiar with this album?


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Jul 8, 2011
San Diego, CA
I am :)
This used to be a fairly common record, not anymore. I'll see if I find you a copy next time I'm down there in Brazil, Ron.
The label, Som da Gente, has many good releases, specially Hermeto Pascoal, Nelson Ayres, Cama de Gato, Roberto Sion, Fredera, etc. I'll play you some of that stuff if you want, I have some of it right here in the store...

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