Ground Loops 101


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Feb 10, 2012
Fortunately, I believe ground loops are fairly rare these days.
What is a much more common issue are leakage currents.
These arise from the ubiquitous use of SMPS in the form of power bricks, wallwarts & internal PSes in computers & other devices often found in the playback chain
These leakage currents similarly find their way into & cause noise issues in signal ground.

But again, the best solution is to ground the the non-positive output from the SMPSes.

PS. I note that the AP grounding recommendation diagram above is the very same one I recommended here for Amir's benefit - obviously it depends on who is the messenger, as my suggestion was rejected as idiotic by some of the same people who praise it above
Fortunately, I believe ground loops are fairly rare these days.
I suspect that many "RF" noise complaints are due to ground loops.

Steve N.
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