Good video on aspects of rooms and speakers

Apr 3, 2010
Seattle, WA
DallasJustice post this nice interview of Paul Hales of PHC speakers with Scott Wilkinson where he talks about speaker and room interactions. The views he expresses is that of "modern acoustics" which runs counter to what we traditionally thought we knew (and very much inline with the views of Dr. Toole, etc). While I have one or two areas of disagreement with him, as a whole, he is providing the right story and context.

Unfortunately the player they use for the video is special and you have to go to the site and watch it. And there is no speed controls so allocate the time to listen. It is worthwhile.


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May 19, 2014
Round Rock, TX
Very, very late to this thread, but great video. I can relate to his comments wrt bass energy. As much as people talk about the lack of ability for the human ear to localize bass at <80Hz, you can feel the energy which can be problematic with subs. The more I measure and listen I find that deviation from 0 degrees phase and increased distance from mains to subs exacerbates this affect. When the room loads at low frequencies it sounds "unnatural" for lack of a better descriptor.

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