G4 at the Bonn Audio Show Oct 3-4 2015

Sep 17, 2015
Sound Galleries made quite a splash at Munich High End 2015


Requests from the industry resulted in Sound Galleries undertaking a development project to deliver the most realistic sound possible from Redbook content.

The Sound Galleries music server is being built by Pink Faun of Holland, who have received a 6 moons award for their own AV streamer. The Sound Galleries server has different CPU, motherboard, and power supplies, but shares the same chassis as the Pink Faun AV streamer.

The electronics in the demonstration room will be Mola-Mola pre-amp and mono blocks. The speakers will be Giya G4. Cabling is Tellurium Q

The DAC will be a Exasound E22 powered by a custom LPS from Taiko Audio who are also based in Holland.

The player software's PCM to DSD 256 conversion engine is HQ Player from Finland, with music selection front ends including iTunes, Kodi Qobuz and Tidal streaming. Roon will also be featured

The whole system will be controlled from an iPad

The Giya G4's will be singing like they never have before, you really need to hear it to believe it
I am sure ye had great sound; the Mola electronics are a wonderful match with the Giya G3.

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