Evolution Acoustics MMThree Wins 2016 Stereo Sound "Best Sound In Show"


Mar 28, 2016
South Korea
i did speak to Jonathan on the phone, who was busy yesterday but said he did return the email he got from you this morning. good luck with the MM3 Exact's!


Thanks Mike~!!


Well-Known Member
May 20, 2016
Torino - Italy
I absolutely love my MM3 Exacts.The Exact modules are a significant upgrade to the beautiful natural sounding MM3s. Just a great speaker!
Just for knowledge; do you purchased the "exact" modules in a second step after already having the speakers? If yes it's possible to know price of upgrade? (Also in pm if you want).
Where are the major significant improvements?
I'm Just curious since I have a pair of MM3'S, early production 2007.
My best


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Dec 21, 2013
Sanibel Florida
Marco, I bought my MM3s at about the same time you did and got the Exact Modules around 5 years ago. Rather than list the all the audio frequency enhancements and audiophile buzzword attributes, I would describe the major significant improvements brought by the Exact modules as simply an increase in top to bottom performance.The speakers just perform at a higher level, across the entire frequency range. I’m sorry I can’t be more specific. I don’t recall the price of the Exacts. It wasn’t cheap, but if you love the MM3s the upgrade makes perfect sense.

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