Diablo 120 vs 300

I'd love to see some input on this. Could be my last piece of audio gear that I will buy.
I wish i could do an A/B comparo between the two - but find the Diablo 120 pretty special in my system. Really like the presentation with the density and richness.
Just reading through the Gryphon threads here as I bought a Gryphon Diablo 300 2 months ago.
I actually had the opportunity to A/B the 300 and the 120, and to be honest. I only noticed very small differences.
If your speakers don't need the extra power, I would HIGHLY recommend the 120 and I think most everyone would get WAY more bang for their buck by spending the extra money on other system components.
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I attended a Gryphon demo in Stockholm yesterday. Rune Skov (global sales director and CEO of the American division of Gryphon Audio…and a very nice guy ) explained that the Antileon (which was mainly used in the demo) has a more mellow sound than the other Gryphon amps and is not the most neutral, but of course a great sounding amp. ”A brand within the brand”
The 120 vs 300 subject also came up and he mentioned that the 120 is more towards the Antileon’s sound; more laid back and mellow sounding compared to the neutral, very accurate sound of the Diablo 300 and the other Gryphon amps, ”Shit in. Shit out” He said The 300 can drive any speaker out there while the 120 could be a good match for some speakers If you prefer that kind of more laid back mellow sound. He added that the difference is very small ??0BFAA9F2-170C-48D7-911F-FBE1D84F590D.jpeg
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Hi , yes it is
I have a 120,
Can anyone suggest which AES/EBU interconnector and speaker cable is good to use ?
Rune Skov mentioned that actively shielded speaker cables is a big no-no with the Gryphon amps. Can cause oscillation!
Interested in this. What is an actively shielded speaker?

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