Gryphon diablo 250 vs Diablo 120


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Apr 19, 2024
Hi everyone,

I currently own Sonus Faber Amator III speakers and have two options available to me. The first is a Gryphon Diablo with a built-in DAC, priced at 100k NOK from the dealer, which I'm considering. The second option, from another dealer, is an older Diablo 250 with RIAA but no internal DAC. However, it comes with an AURALIC ALTAIR G1.1 streamer/DAC and Nordost XLR cable for 70k NOK, making it the cheaper option. My question is: in terms of pure sonic performance and synergy with my Amator III speakers, which amplifier would be better? Would the older but more powerful Diablo 250 outperform the newer technology Diablo 120, or vice versa? I understand that in terms of pure synergy, the Gryphon Diablo with the built-in DAC might be superior, but it comes at a 30k higher price tag.

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From what I have heard all the Diablos are have a different sound, many prefer the 120 to the 300. I do not know about the 250 however.

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