Comparing Stillpoints Ultra 6 v1 and v2 under my speakers


Oct 5, 2023
I bought my Verity Saratro II speakers before Verity launched their own anti-vibration base, and I started out with Combak Harmonix RF909 (I think it was) and a fitting Harmonix Spike (forgot the name). That wasn't to my taste. Harmonix is more of a tuning device, not purely an anti-vibration device, and it changes the sound in a profund way. In my case it was much softer, lacking in clarity and frankly not funny to listen to. I might consider Harmonix under a horn speaker, or if I wanted to mute the upper frequences. Not a good fit for my taste with my current speakers.

Then I bought 8 Stilpoints Ultra 6 v1 with Ultra Base, originally for my electronics, but I tested them under my speakers. It was a revelation. The sound was clearer, more dynamic and much more alive. I loved it and kept them for years this way. Ultra 6 is not recommended by Stillpoints under the speakers, but it works well. Not very easy to move around, but if you have the speakers in a good position I dont think this is a problem. Anyway I loved the sound and had no wish to change the setup. Not even when Verity announced their speaker platforms as an upgrade.

Moving to a new house, with a more difficult and softer floor. The Ultra 6 still worked but I was thinking maybe anti-vibration with springs will be better, something like Townshend Seismic Podium. But I wasnt sure about the construction, the springs are damped only with a kind of plastic cable coating. Maybe it works well, but SolidTech also have another springed contruction I wanted to test. "Discs of Silence" are cheap and can take up to 180 kg and they have verified vibration recuction capabilities. I tried them under my speakers. They were actually quite similar to the Stillpoints in caracter. The mid range was different, more recessed, with Stillpoints more forward. But bass and heights were quite good. In the end I prefered Stillpoints higher clarity.

Again I bought 8 new Stillpoints Ultra 6, this time v2. Tried them under my tube amp. It became much more silent and more resolving. But I cant say anything else change very much. The caracter of the sound was more or less the same. Which wasnt a bad thing, of course.

A little later I put the Ultra 6 v2 under my speakers. That was a greater change. The sound improved in many ways.

I have had a slight hardness in the upper midrange for some time, but I wasnt sure why. I have changed cables and the DAC and it could be caused by any of these changes. But now, with Ultra 6 v2, the hardness was gone. The sound was more coherent and simply more beautiful to listen to. It seems the Ultra 6 v1 can add some midrange hardness, at least in my setup.

Ultra 6 v2 also give better dynamics. I could hear a definite improvement in this area compared to Ultra 6 v1. Resolution was also better, because of better dynamics and maybe more silence. So I can subscribe to the staement by Stillpoints of a 20-30% improvment.

I still think Ultra 6 v1 are suprerior to most of what is available, but the v2 is actually better. More coherent, more natural sound. The v2 will stay under my speakers. Thanks for reading.
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Apparently the Stillpoints Ultra 5 is specifically designed for speakers, and the Ultra 6 for electronics. No doubt the 6 will work under speakers as long as the load is not too high.

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