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Oct 6, 2023
Rhode Island
Hey there,

So almost a year ago I had a great interaction with Audio Ultra - Ed the owner was wonderful to meet and speak to. I'm embarrassed that I did not share this on this forum sooner, but let me share what I wrote at the time ,

"Audio-Ultra is an amazing company. The owner has an infectious passion for music that is incredibly refreshing. Not once did I feel was being sold something; rather they were sharing a love of music and had some great tips on how to get to reference-level playback. The service was second to none and they were very accommodating of my girlfriend and I during a very generous listening session.

Audio-Ultra has a philosophy that one needs perfect power and stabilization of the source to achieve reference level playback. Brand selection of the source is also critical.

I am now a firm-believer in this philosophy. It was eye (and ear!) opening to hear the ultimate example of this reasoning in its full glory. One would be hard-pressed to find a better listening room.

The system I heard had used the following components:

CH Precision 10 Series with the P1 Phonostage and X1 Power Supply
Kuzma Stabi R with 4 Point 11 and Kuzma CAR 50 Cartridge
Dohmann Helix 2 with the Kuzma Safir Tonearm and Ortofon Verissimo Cartridge
Critical Mass System Stands
Magico M6 Speakers
WADAX Atlantis Reference DAC and Server
Audioquest Dragon Cables

The system I heard at Audio-Ultra is absolutely reference level and provided an experience like no other. I would highly recommend anyone with even a passing interest in high-end audio take a visit to Audio-Ultra and experience what the finest in reference level playback has to offer. It is difficult to articulate just how incredible this listening room is, I have never heard anything so transparent to the source and beguilingly life-like. I guarantee that you have heard nothing like this and will walk away equally impressed with both the service and the sonics!"

For my money, I think anybody either getting into high-end audio or who wants to see the Kuzma line, or anything I listed above should take a trip and listen to Audio Ultra's system. Even if you aren't into the specific phono/digital gear for offer, hearing the synergy of a reference system of that caliber is an unreal experience. It is probably one of the handful of places on the planet where you can demo an audio that is absolutely reference (without directly knowing audio-reviewers or industry titans).

Not once during the experience did I feel rushed - and there was quite a collection of LPs on hand to listen to. From Led Zeppelin to Tennesse Ernie Ford there weren't many places you couldn't go!

For somebody like me, who loves reading about the latest and greatest in Vinyl playback, it was really cool to meet somebody who has rubbed elbows with the greats. Both turntables were set up by the WAM engineering guru J.R. Boisclair (I bought and love all of those tools). Michael Fremer had just been over a few weeks ago to listen to Ed's system. I'm sure there are many others I'm not listing.

For those with the funds and the interest, I would make Audio Ultra my first stop if I were building a reference level system!


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Mike Lavigne

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Apr 25, 2010

welcome to What's Best Forum.

agree with your comments about Ed and Audio Ultra. Ed is a friend and good guy and loves the music. i would also recommend him as a very easy person to do business with. he is in it for the long term relationship, and has a very good ear for great gear.
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Ron Resnick

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Jan 24, 2015
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Welcome to WBF, Sbeehive! Thank you for this report!
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Jan 19, 2023
Ed is a good friend of mine. You are spot on about him, his business, and his system. He is a genuine and fun guy and all audiophiles in the PNW should line up a visit!

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