CH Precision D1.5 Transport : Extension of a new horizon


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Jun 27, 2013
I texted Kahw just now.

His reply :
Cybershaft Opt21 > C1.1

C1.1 > D1.5

C1.1 is still the master for D1.5
Cybershaft is the master for C1.1
C1.1 + Opt21 serves as a master for D1.5

Both SYNCHRO 75 Ohm or High Z were using external clock as well.

HighZ Should be the suggested setting from CH.
Thank you CK,
When connecting with CH T1, the setting based on the manual is SYN 75 Ohm. It's good to know HighZ would sound great as well, and I will certainly experiment with both settings.


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Jun 15, 2020
Does anybody already had the chance to make a direct comparison between D1 and D1.5 as transports?
It's quite obvious that the D1.5 as a complete player is surely better than the old D1. But if you use it just as a transport it's probably more subtle. Would it be worth to get a new D1.5 instead of a more affordable used D1 (if available of course)?

With the new upgraded power supply in the D1.5 it would also be interesting if the addition of a X1 with the older power supply design still makes sense?


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My very own D 1.5 has shipped ! Yaah ! This transport is just amazing. Building my personal home Lab system. I just need a world class source to be always perfect. This fits the bill nicely. I am using a L1 and M 1.1. I will order a new C1 this summer. I also received a P1 and X1 so now I will decide on a turntable.
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